Influencer Application

Moms with Cameras are you interested in collaborating with a great and growing brand?  Have adorable little girls who love to dress up and model for pictures and video?  We are currently offering collaboration opportunities for girls ages 3 to 6 years old.  If interested, please contact us via this email form.  


  • Must have adorable very photogenic little girls. 
  • Must be good at taking pictures and making video for reels.
  • Must post to Instagram daily and have large Instagram likes / following.
  • Must post multiple pictures of your child modeling all clothing received from Hannah Rose Vintage.

Please include:

  1. Your (parent name)
  2. Your child's Name and Age
  3. Dress size & Shoe Size
  4. Your Cell Phone Number
  5. Your Email Address
  6. Several Pictures of Your Child, full length both smiling and not smiling.  (Please do not include any goofy pictures). 

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