Best Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Family

Best Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Family

Christmas is a time for family, and nothing brings families together like movie night. Here are some of the best Christmas movies to watch with your family this holiday season!

  1. A Christmas Story: This classic film tells the story of a boy named Ralphie who wants nothing more than a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.
  1. Home Alone: If you're looking for a fun holiday comedy, this is it! In this movie, Kevin McCallister has to defend his house from two bumbling criminals who have broken in while he's home alone on Christmas Eve
  2. Elf
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There is also a great selection of new and old Christmas movies on Netflix.  These can be played anytime while sipping hot chocolate gathered and around the big screen TV or snuggled up in your in-home movie theater or while making it a family activity of hanging Christmas decorations on the tree.

  • A Christmas Prince.
  • The Holiday Calendar.
  • A Trash Truck Christmas.
  • Holidate.
  • A California Christmas.
  • The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two.
  • A Very Country Christmas.
  • Elf Pets: A Fox Cub's Christmas Tale.

Here are some other great options for Christmas films that are sure to make everyone smile.

  1. Elf (2003) - This is a classic holiday film starring Will Ferrell as an elf who travels from the North Pole to New York City in search of his biological father. If you can't get enough of this movie, check out the sequel—Elves 2: The Buddy System (2011).
  1. Christmas with the Kranks (2004) - A humorous take on Christmas traditions, this film follows a couple who decide to skip Christmas one year in order to take a vacation with their daughter. However, when she decides not to come home for the holidays after all, they have no choice but go along with it or risk losing her for good!
  1. Bad Santa (2003) - This dark comedy follows Willie T. Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton), a boozy thief who goes undercover as a department store Santa Claus in order to avoid arrest by police

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