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Black and white weddings are classic themes that never go out of style. They're elegant and dramatic, and the color scheme is versatile enough to pair with any type of décor or color scheme you want to use for your big day. If you're planning a black-and-white wedding theme, keep reading for my top tips on how to make your vision come alive!

Black and White Weddings

Black and white weddings are a classy look that can be elegant or sophisticated depending on how you use the colors. A black and white theme is very classic. It’s simple, modern, sophisticated and fun!

Modern Black and White Wedding Themes

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Elegant Black and White Wedding Themes

Black and White wedding tablescapes and decor
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Black and White Wedding Theme Ideas

Create a Classic Wedding Theme with a Black and White Color Scheme

The black and white color scheme is one of the most classic and elegant looks in all of wedding planning. The simplicity of this color palette makes it perfect for any style, but can also be used to create an entirely unique look that reflects your personality and style.

If you're looking to create a classic look with a twist using the black and white theme, here are some ideas!

Black and White Wedding Centerpieces

  • Centerpieces are a great way to add color to your wedding.

  • You want them to be in the same theme as everything else.

  • Anything can be a centerpiece, just make sure it's something that you know how to make yourself, or at least get cheap!

Black and white centerpieces

A Glamorous Black and Gold Wedding Theme

This is a sophisticated formal theme that will appeal to those who love the glamour of black and gold. The black and gold combination is an elegant color scheme that can be used in your wedding’s décor, attire, flowers, tableware, favors and more. If you want your guests to feel like Hollywood royalty at your event then this theme is ideal for you!

Here are some ideas on how to make this glamorous black and gold theme work for your own special day:

Black and gold wedding ideas
Black and Gold Wedding

If you want an elegant, bold and luxurious black and white wedding theme, you can use gold to create a beautiful color palette for your big day. Gold is a great color that works well with the more subtle shades of black and white. The perfect way to add some luxury into your wedding theme is by using the right combination of gold accents throughout your wedding stationery, table decorations and flowers.

Of course it’s important to keep in mind that this shade of gold isn’t quite as shiny as some might think; but rather it’s deep and rich while still maintaining its elegance. So when thinking about how you want to approach your wedding theme, consider using this luxurious shade!

An Elegant Red and Black Wedding Theme

It's true. Red and black are a bold, visually striking combination that conveys a sense of power and elegance. The two shades have been used in weddings for centuries to convey romance, passion, mystery and sophistication. These classic colors will never be out of style and will look sharp on you as you walk down the aisle.

Red is an intense color that symbolizes love, passion and desire – all things we want at our wedding! Black can be interpreted in many ways including sophistication; it’s also associated with mourning which may not be the best choice if you're planning your dream day. So if you're looking for something more colorful than black but less intense than red then try pink instead - it's one of the most popular choices when selecting gowns (and cakes).

Black and red wedding ideas

 Red Flower Girl Dresses   Black Flower Girl Dresses

A Contemporary Black and Blue Wedding Theme

If you're going for the more subtle, sophisticated look, black and blue wedding themes are for you. This theme is all about creating a calm and collected atmosphere that will impress your guests.

Black and blue themed weddings are very versatile in terms of color tones. You can have a soft pastel shade of blue or something bold like navy or royal. Whichever one you choose, make sure that it complements your wedding dress because this will be what draws attention to yourself on your big day!

Black and Blue Wedding Ideas

If you're looking for a high-end, elegant look—and the mental image of a black and white wedding may not be getting you there—consider adding royal blue to your black and white scheme. The result is an eye-catching color palette that's still classy, but with an added boost of vibrancy that will make your event stand out in photos. Keep in mind that this theme works best when paired with other bright colors like hot pink or lime green; otherwise it can feel too monochromatic.

A Classic Black and Yellow Wedding Theme

If you're looking for a bold, classic black and yellow wedding theme, you've come to the right place. We're going to show you how to pull this off in style.

Black and yellow weddings are bold—in other words, they're not for everyone. But if you're up for something that stands out from the crowd (and a chance of getting some extra attention) then read on!

Black and yellow wedding ideas

Black and Yellow wedding theme

A Sophisticated Black and Pink Wedding Theme

Black and pink is one of the most sophisticated color palettes, and it's perfect for a black and white wedding theme. The look is a bit on the feminine side, but if you're into that sort of thing, it can definitely be done tastefully.

Black and pink wedding theme ideas:

  • Pink roses or other romantic flowers like peonies or anemones are a good choice for centerpieces. If you want something more dramatic, try an arrangement with bright orange tulips as well—they work well against the black backdrop.

  • If you're looking to create a more modern feel with your flowers, consider using dahlias in lieu of roses (or add them to your bouquet). Dahlias come in many different colors; try pairing them with deep purple or burgundy-colored flowers for extra contrast!

  • Black napkins are another simple way to make your table setting stand out without breaking the bank on special linens; just make sure not to use cheap ones because they might not hold up well over time (which really isn't what we want happening on our big day). You can also try mixing silverware with gold or silver accents because both go well together!

Black and pink wedding ideas

Black and Pink wedding themes

A Classy Black and Purple Wedding Theme

If you want to make sure your wedding is remembered as a classy, elegant affair, look no further than black and purple. Black and purple are two colors that are linked with royalty and quality. Purple is also a good color for weddings as it can be classy, elegant, romantic and fun all at once!

If you love black and purple but aren’t sure where to start with decorating your wedding venue for this theme – don’t worry! There are tons of ideas out there that will have you covered from head to toe in no time at all.

Black and purple wedding ideas

Purple Wedding Themes

A Modern Black and Grey Wedding Theme

A black and white theme is a classic choice for a wedding. It symbolizes elegance and sophistication with its timeless appeal. The color palette can be customized to fit your preferences, but it’s best to keep the design simple so that the focus remains on you two as the stars of the show!  We just love the little black dress the flower girl is wearing. 

Black and Grey Wedding Themes

A Sophisticated Yellow, Black and White Theme

Yellow, white and black is a sophisticated color combination that can be used for both the wedding theme and decor. Yellow is a good color choice for a wedding because it has many positive associations. It symbolizes energy, joy, optimism, happiness and intelligence. Yellow is also associated with wisdom and enlightenment in Eastern cultures.

Yellow can be combined with other colors to create various shades such as golds, oranges or pinks; however we recommend against combining yellow with green or blue as these colors are too similar to each other on the color wheel and may cause visual confusion at your event!

Another great feature of yellow is that you can use it anywhere from your floral arrangements down to your napkins without causing any issues with contrast (as long as you keep white around). If you want something more modern then consider using silver instead of gold accents throughout all aspects of this theme so everything comes together perfectly!

Yellow black and white wedding themes

Yellow Black and white wedding pictures

Yellow and white flower girl dressesYellow and white flower girl dresses


A Princess Pink Black and White Wedding Theme

A pink and black wedding theme is a fun and elegant way to utilize the traditional black, white, and gold color palette. While this theme may sound like it’s all about the color pink, don’t worry—you can still incorporate plenty of other shades and hues into your wedding day look. Here are some ideas for incorporating different shades of pink into your special day:

  • Wear a pink wedding dress! You could even pair it with lace or some other embellishments that bring out the more feminine aspects of this color palette.

  • Use rose petals in place of tableware at each setting (or instead). The arrangements can be as simple as one large rosebud on an elegant tablecloth or fancy centerpieces made up from several dozen tiny roses in different shapes and sizes.

  • You can also decorate with other types of flowers that are traditionally considered “pink” such as carnations or gerbera daisies. If you really want to go all out (and have the budget), go ahead and add some fresh tulips too—they'll bring out even more warmth without being too flashy around guests who prefer something simpler than bright neon yellow tones might be used elsewhere throughout their planning process."

Princess Pink Black and White Wedding Themes

Your wedding should have an awesome theme

If you're getting married, chances are you already have a good idea of what your wedding theme will be. But if you haven't figured out the color scheme yet, or if you just want to have an awesome theme without having to do much work (because planning weddings is hard), we have some ideas!

Black and white themes are classy and elegant, making them perfect for weddings. You can really make a statement with this color scheme—not only with the clothes worn by guests but also by using black and white in decorations around your reception hall or church sanctuary. If you're looking for something more subtle yet still classy, consider using shades of gray instead of all-black or all-white; this option allows almost any color to look great against it while still staying within the black/white family!


Black and white is a timeless wedding theme that will never go out of style. It’s elegant, classic and sophisticated. You can also create an elegant black and white wedding theme by adding some touches of gold or pink to make it more glamorous.

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