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What Color Flower Girl Shoes Do I Buy?

What color shoes to buy for your flower girl?

Wedding white isn't reserved for the bride (unless she wants it to be) and so many flower girls will dress in traditional white or ivory.  But now adays both traditional and bohemian wedding are opting for more color in the flower girl dresses and many may match the flower girl to the bridesmaid dresses.  In which case the flower girl's shoes may be purchased to match or compliment her dress. This is staying with a more trendy view of course. 

White flower girl dresses

However when it comes to flower girl shoes, white and ivory flower girl dress shoes may be the most common of all.  A rule of thumb is if your little girls dress is going to be white or ivory then you should definitely match shoes to dress, white with white and ivory or beige with an ivory dress.  Alternatives may be to opt for silver, gold or pale pink to match hair flowers and accessories.  Many colored flower girl dresses have white top and colored tulle skirts in which case shoes could either match skirt of top of dress. See below dresses by Hannah Rose Vintage Boutique

Blue shoes or burgundy would have also worked well with either of these dresses

Shoe styles are a personal preference with loads of pretty flower girl flats available you are sure to find a favorite pair to match your style and taste.  Whether you choose ballet flats or Maryjane's or flats with bows or flowers or even ballet flats with ribbon ties, the main thing to remember is that your flower girl will be running around the wedding and reception for hours and so her shoes will need to be soft and comfortable. Soft sole shoes can be wonderful if the wedding venue is held indoors or if there are no rocks or hard objects for your little one to step on and harm her foot.  Hard sole shoes may be made a bit more comfortable with socks or tights added.  But either way a little test drive beforehand may be warranted to avoid your little one complaining at the event of sore feet. 

flower girl shoes

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