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Flower girls are one of the most important parts of any wedding. They help to make the day even more special and memorable, which is why it's important that they look adorable in their flower girl dresses. But with so many options out there—and so many styles that don't work—it can be hard to know where to start when shopping for a cute flower girl dress. That's why we've done all of your research for you and found the best flower girl dresses on the market!

Vintage-Inspired Dresses

For a vintage-inspired dress, look for something with a fitted bodice and full skirt. You can choose to add lace or other embellishments; this is completely up to you!

Classic, simple and elegant! These dresses are great for weddings in the spring or summer.

If you want to go for something more modern, look for a dress with an asymmetrical hemline or a simple cut. You can also choose a dress that is completely plain and unadorned.

High low hemlines have a very vintage 20s look and will be very popular for 2023.

If you want a more classic look, go for a dress with a full skirt and fitted bodice. You can also choose to add lace or other embellishments; this is completely up to you! Classic, simple and elegant flower girl dresses will look beautiful! These dresses are great for weddings in the spring or summer. If you want to go for something more modern, look for a dress with an asymmetrical hemline or a simple cut.

Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Lace is the perfect material for a flower girl dress. It's feminine, elegant and timeless—and it's appropriate for any age. If you're looking to add a classic edge to your wedding day, lace is the way to go.

Forget about their age—these girls are princesses! From knee-length dresses with bow accents to tea length hems, there are so many ways these adorable skirts can bring out your little lady's personality while staying on theme with your big day.

Lace Flower Girl Dresses

These gowns will make her feel like she's walking on air as she floats along in this stunning ensemble! The peek-a-boo tulle skirt gives it an extra kick of excitement that perfectly complements the elegant lace bodice and sleeves.

The white satin bow accents and lace collar give this dress a classic feel, while the lace cap sleeves and tulle skirt add a touch of whimsy. The result is a vintage-inspired look that's perfect for any flower girl.

Floral Flower Girl Dresses

If you're looking for a dress that's extra-adorable and has a bit of personality, look no further than floral print. Floral prints are perfect for any flower girl because they're so versatile: they can be worn in any season, and they come in many styles and colors as well.Floral Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls are usually dressed in white dresses with lace details or bows on them. But if you want your flower girl to stand out from the other bridesmaids, floral print is the way to go! The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right material for your dress—you can get one made of silk or cotton (or both). Floral prints come in all different kinds of patterns—you may even be able to find one which matches your venue!

Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

Tulle is a popular fabric for flower girl dresses. It's lightweight, soft, and airy. This fabric can be made into many types of designs including tutu skirts or a simple dress with long sleeves and an A-line skirt. There are also designer flower girl dresses that will let your little girl shine in a dress that she loves.

Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

Tulle can be made into styles such as tutu skirts or other options like lace collars or ruffles on the hemlines. If you are looking for something traditional then white or ivory may be perfect for you but if not then rich deep bohemian colors look great too!

Ruffled Flower Girl Dresses

Ruffles are a great way to add texture and volume. They also have movement, so they can be used in any style of dress. Ruffles can be added to princess-style dresses or even more modern styles, like a strapless dress with a fitted bodice that flares out at the waistline.  

Ruffled flower girl dresses

Layered Flower Girl Dresses

Ruffled and layered dresses are used interchangeably and are basically the same style. These also can be used on any color of fabric, but they're especially beautiful when paired with pastels or other soft colors like lavender and pale pink. You can get ruffled dresses in white as well—but don't forget about blush pink! This delicate shade is perfect for spring weddings!

Layered Flower Girl Dresses

Knee Length Flower Girl Dresses

Knee length dresses are also becoming more and more popular for flower girls. These dresses are perfect for younger girls because they're easy to move in and won't trip them up at all. When you're looking for a dress that will coordinate with the bride's wedding gown, it should be one that's easy to match with other outfits as well. Knee length dresses fit this description perfectly!

If you're a bride who wants to have the flower girls wear dresses that match the bridesmaids, you've come to the right place. Our selection of knee length dresses for little girls are perfect for adding some adorable flair to your wedding day.

Knee Length flower girl dresses

Pink Flower Girl Dresses

These beautiful, delicate and feminine pink flower girl dresses can fall under a full range of shades from blush to mauve to rose. They're perfect for the flower girl who wants to let her personality shine through, with sweet lace details, flirty frills, and sparkly jewelry appliques.

Pink flower girl dresses

Pink flower girl dresses are a sister color to fuchsia and calla lilies. They come in shades ranging from blush to mauve to rose, and can be seen in many colors, including black and white. Make your little girl feel special in one of these pink dresses!

Below is a lovely pink knee length dress that is beautiful with or without the matching flower sash belt. 

Pink knee length flower girl dresses

The great thing about pink flower girl dresses is that it all depends on your child’s favorite shade of pink.  The color itself is neutral, but it can also be mixed with any other color to create a look you love.  Some shades of pink flower girl dresses have more of a blush tone, while others are more on the deep end with rose and mauve hues.

Flower girl dresses should be cute and comfortable.

When you're shopping for flower girl dresses, you'll want to keep two things in mind: comfort and cuteness. The dress should be comfortable enough that the little girl can dance around without tripping over sleeves or stepping on layers of tulle. A cute dress is also important—otherwise, why even bother?

In addition to these considerations, remember that the actual style of the dress matters. Most flower girls are between 3 and 5 years old and their bodies are still growing. If you choose a style that's too tight or too loose at this age, it won't fit her when she gets older (or even by next week). It's best to stick with styles that have elastic waists or adjustable ties so they'll grow well with your child as she grows up.

Additionally, make sure your flower girl doesn't feel like an outcast because of her outfit: if all her friends have floral prints but yours has stripes or polka dots instead - then it's time for a change! Also keep in mind what colors look good on her complexion: maybe purple isn't going to work as well as pink does! Lastly don't forget about size - most of us don't live where stores carry everything from newborns up through adults...you may need multiple sizes depending on how quickly (or slowly) your little one grows up into them!


With so many cute flower girl dresses to choose from, it’s easy to find one that fits your style and budget. Whether you want something classic or trendy, with lace or tulle, there are plenty of options out there. The best part about flower girl dresses is how versatile they really are! You can wear them again for other special occasions as well as everyday use.


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