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Flower Girl Etiquette: The Most Cherished Position of the Wedding

One of the most asked questions is who pays for the flower girl dress?

Traditionally the bride with ask family members or cherished friends with little girls allow them to participate in their most special wedding day. It is tradition for the girls’ parents to pay for the flower girl dress.  The bride may provide or few options for dress styles or colors and allow the parents themselves to choose the dress since they are paying.

flower girl dress etiquette, flower girl dress ideas, who pays for a flower girl dress, do you pay for the flower girl dress, types of flower girl dresses

How old are flower girls?  There is no rule of thumb here.  A flower girl can be as young as 18 months carried by her mom or as old as 14 years and older filling the roles of Jr. Bridesmaids.  It purely up to the bride and family to choose, however the average is ages 3 to 6.  These ages are still at that tender age and can are usually quite sufficient at walking the isle before the bride carrying basket of flowers or dropping rose petals.  All ages however are perfect and will make wonderful little boho or traditional flower girls.

What does the flower girl wear?  The style and color flower girl dress will depend largely on the wedding style, wedding theme and location.  Bohemian Beach style wedding generally might prefer light flowing style dresses that blow in the wind. Hannah Rose Vintage Boutique offers a wonder selection of flower girl dresses to fit any wedding style of theme and in lots of wedding colors too. These can be tulle flower girl dresses or lace flower girl dresses.  These little girl dresses may range in colors from traditional white or ivory flower girl dresses to colors from the sea such as soft dusty blue flower girl dresses to emerald or jade flower girl dresses.  While garden wedding may choose the colors of flowers such as rosy mauve, yellow or blush flower girl dresses.  Woodsy Wedding themes may op for richer warmer colors such Merlot, Navy, Jade, Mauve, Scarlet and of course white and ivory with richly colored wedding sash belts and flower girl hair accessories.  Traditional wedding will normally op for white or ivory dresses in more traditional styles.

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Who buys flower girl gift?  The flower girl gift is usually provided by the bride herself.  This gift can include a small necklace or charm bracelet with a card asking the child to be her flower girl.  It can also be an after the wedding gift thanking the child for having been her flower girl.   There is no specific rule here and either is acceptable.

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