Pool Safety for Kids: Keep Children Safe Around Water

Pool Safety for Kids: Keep Children Safe Around Water

Pool Safety for Kids: Keep Children Safe Around Water

Summer time means fun time for kids all around the globe and one of the most popular activities is swimming and buying cute fun colorful swimsuits for little girls and swim trunks for little boys.  You will find a vast array of adorable swimwear and swim gear available in stores and online but there are more important things to adhere to before turning your little ones loose in the water.

Pool Safety for Kids

To Keep children safe in and around water:

  • Teach your kids to swim. Lessons are available from babies to adults and children 4 years and older should take swimming lessons until they become adequately accomplished swimmers.
  • Make kids wear a life jacket rather than relying on floaties. Life jackets should also always be worn if swimming in a lake or boating! This is an absolute must!
  • Watch your kids while they are in and near water! Don’t assume that because they are good swimmer that they can’t drown!  Always pay attention and never take your eyes off your kids at the pool or beach.
  • If you are with a group of kids and adults, several adults should the designated as the kids’ watchers, a serious accident can happen in seconds.
  • Follow pools rules for public pools! Make sure gates are securely closed and locked when there are no lifeguards or adults in attendance and after hours when pool is closed.
  • Do not leave kids unattended at home pools. Kids should never be allowed in or around backyard pools when there is not adult present to supervise.
  • Empty inflatable pools after use. Buckets of water should be emptied and hot tubs should be covered and securely locked when not in use. 
  • Install anti-entrapment drain covers, and consider a vacuum relief system.
  • Learn CPR and keep life saving equipment by the pool. For swimming lessons call your local American Red Cross.  

Water Safety Facts: 

  • Kids can drown in as little as an inch of water and are at risk of drowning in wading pools, bathtubs, buckets, toilets, and puddles of water. Do not leave kids attended in or near water even inside the home!
  • If child is missing check pool first, every second counts when drowning and a drowning cannot cry out or call for help.
  • No diving into water less than 9 feet deep. Shallow water diving could cause serious neck and back injuries.
  • Be weary of crowded pools, especially if you can’t see your child at all times. In situations like this the lifeguard may not be able to see everyone either. 
  • If you cannot swim you wouldn’t be able to save your drowning child in which case both of you could drown, so your child should not be in the water without a lifeguard or an adult skilled swimmer present!

Enjoy the summer and remember to always put water safety first!

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