What Is Cotton?

First thing first, cotton fabric is made from the cotton plant. Therefore it is all-natural and doesn't contain synthetic fibers.

We prepared an infographic that shows the journey cotton plant takes to become fabric.

Good qualities of cotton:

  • Very breathable
  • High moisture-wicking ability
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Biodegradable

Is %100 Cotton Good?

Yes. Not all cotton fabrics are %100 cotton. For this reason, it is essential to read the label. Mix material fabrics are quite common.

The breathable nature of the cotton fabric creates a comfortable feeling even in the hot and humid weather. Therefore, recommended for people with sensitive skin. Who has sensitive skin? Babies and kids.

Kids are important to us. That is why we use %100 cotton. Shop our %100 cotton collection here.

Cotton fabric is used in many places; for example, clothing, bath linens, medical supplies, etc. As a result, tons and tons of cotton got produced each year. It has an impact on the environment. We can help make the effect smaller by choosing to buy garments made from certified cotton.

Cotton Certifications and What They Mean?

  • European Union Organic Standards Organization - organic cotton
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - organic cotton
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - organic cotton
  • OEKO TEK - no harmful chemicals, environmentally friendly and socially responsible production
  • Better Cotton Initiative - sustainable cotton

At Hannah Rose Vintage we make sure that the fabrics we use are at least OEKO TEK certified. You can shop our % 95 cotton /5% Lycra twirl dresses here. For more check out the %100 collection.  Our goal is to offer the very best for your precious little girls.  To evoke the beautiful memories of your own childhood by offering you the very best for your daughters future childhood memories. 

What Is Polyester Fabric?

Polyester is a petroleum-based fiber AKA, plastic. Given that, the chemicals used in polyester fabric production can cause skin irritations and allergies.

Good qualities of polyester:

  • Water resistant
  • More durable than cotton
  • Less likely to wrinkle

The biggest issue with polyester is; it doesn't breathe. Breathability is an important quality when it comes to children's clothing. It is important to realize that polyester fabrics have less moisture absorption capacity compared to cotton fabrics. Therefore, it gives an uncomfortable feeling, especially in hot and humid weather.

%100 polyester fabrics are highly flammable. It is dangerous to stand next to an open fire with wearing clothes made from polyester. However, most polyester children's clothes are treated with chemicals to make them fire-resistant. If you are against chemicals, we don't recommend buying polyester clothing for your kids.

Last, as we mentioned at the beginning, polyester fabrics are essentially plastic. As a result, they are not biodegradable and harmful to the environment. When washed, many synthetic fibers shed microfibres that account for up to 35% of plastic pollution in the oceans. Luvi Kids clothes are all made of natural fibers. We never use polyester.

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