Vintage Rose Shabby Pixie Dress

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Our dresses capture the essence of timeless sophistication and unmatched quality. The range we provide is designed to be effortless, chic, bold, flirty, whimsical, and elegant. Perfect for pairing with knee-high socks, classic footwear, and high-top sneakers, our ruffle skirts boast ultra-soft fabric in lively prints.

Reasons to love our dresses include:

- Adorable prints and colors.
- Soft, comfortable, and wrinkle-resistant fabric.
- Suitable for any event, including birthdays.
- Crafted from soft, comfortable, and durable materials.

Dresses are in stock and ready to ship now.  
Care instructions:  Machine wash on gentle cycle & line dry.
93% Terylene, 7% Spandex

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